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We assume you already know this, but here is our take...

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Owning vs. renting.  You probably took great efforts, and made some sacrifices, to own your home.  Homeownership is universally accepted as "the right thing to do". So, why is it OK to rent your power?

Put another way...

If you could own your cellphone service and never pay another phone bill, would you?

If you could own your Internet service and never pay another internet bill, would you?

Well, you CAN own your home's energy supply and never (really) pay another power bill.


Have you ever heard of a tax credit that EVERYONE qualifies for?  No income limits.  No special circumstances required.  We haven't either.

If you have income tax liability, the Federal Government will allow you a tax credit in the amount of 26% of the total system cost.  The state of South Carolina currently offers a 25% income tax credit.  So, for every dollar you spend, you get back $.51.  

This is not a deduction.  This is not a rebate.  This is a direct CREDIT. 

If BOTH government entities are offering you an incentive to go solar, why not, at least, check it out?

(More on this in our ESSENTIALS and DEEPER DIVE sections.)


Can we establish, right now, that IF you want electricity in your home YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO PAY FOR IT? 

Are you INDEBTED to the utility company if you are receiving their electricity? Yes. Yes, you are. 

Will the utility company ever decide to stop charging you? No.

Would it make sense to TRADE your utility bill for a solar + utility bill? Most likely, yes. 

Will the SOLAR BILL go away?  Yes. Yes, it will.

If your bill averages $150/month before going solar and $125/month after, AND YOU GAVE US NO MONEY TO DO IT, how much did going solar cost you?


You don't need us to tell you how good solar energy is for the environment.  The statistics are out there, google it.

In what area of your life can you have a bigger positive impact on the environment? (Besides becoming a vegetarian)


                      Recycling? No.

                      Reusable shopping bags? No.

                      Electric vehicle? No. 


It's powering your home. Don't take our word for it, see how the EPA views the impact on the environment. 

Do you want to live in a world with larger, more powerful utility companies? Neither do we.


This is 2021.  Two comparable homes. One has almost no power costs, the other has a normal bill. Which would you choose?

Studies say, yes, residential solar does increase sale price.  Google it.  CNBC cites a Zillow study from 2019 that you can check out here.

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