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It Really is Who You Know

EARN $500

We believe our guarantees, service, and pricing are the best in South Carolina. 


since we don't have any, your family, your friends don't know about us.

We're willing to pay you $500 to change that.  $500. We're not kidding.

Do you know someone already in the process of getting solar? Fill out the form.


Do you know someone with a house with no trees around?  Fill out the form.

Friend with a pool? Fill out the form.

Your Aunt drives a Prius? Brother has a Tesla?  Fill out the form.

Here's how it works:

You fill out the form.  It costs you nothing.

We reach out to them.  It costs them nothing.

We win their business with a proposal better than what they have.

We send you $500.*


Your content has been submitted

* Void where prohibited. Terms and conditions apply. Terms: To qualify, your referral must sign an installation agreement with SOLEXO energy for a residential solar install.  Conditions: Once their project is paid in full, we will send you $500 via a mutually agreed method: cash, gift card, check, etc. You will be responsible for any applicable income taxes.

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