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SOLEXO energy is unlike every other solar company out there and this website is designed to reflect that.   


Think about it (or check around)... What information do they provide that will help you decide if going solar is right for you? Our observation...none. 


The intention of their websites is to cultivate just enough curiosity to entice you to "Get a Quote" so they can have a salesperson reach out to try to sell you.  (That's called Marketing) 


We are not marketers and our intention is quite the opposite.  We have attempted to provide you with necessary questions, answers, details, and references to enable you to make an informed decision on whether to install a system at your home.  If that decision is to "take a pass", fine. 

We hope you feel the initial information we provide is so valuable that you will want to engage with us to consult on your project here in South Carolina.  Creating an account with us will lead to two things: 1) We will take a look at your home and let you know if solar is worth pursuing; 2) You will get access to many additional details about everything involved in the process.  Much of it, other companies will not explain. 

Rather than employ and train a sales team, we have designed our website to be the resource on which our clients can rely. You can read it whenever you want, as many times as you need, so you are comfortable and confident in the decisions you make.  Enjoy.




solexo energy, south carolina

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